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Otto Meier (DE) - spherical fruit shape on a round base

Otto Meier (DE), flat, spherical fruit shape on a round...
Studio Pottery

€ 265

Paul Badié (FR) - bowl

Paul Badié (FR) - bowl, handthrown, stoneware, nice...
Studio Pottery

€ 295

Paul Badié - tea service

Paul Badié (FR) - tea service, handthrown, stoneware/...
Studio Pottery

€ 245

Pedersen, Valdemar (DK) attributed - large bowl with engobe lines

Valdemar Pedersen (DK) - attributed, large bowl,...
Studio Pottery

€ 345

Potter unknown (UK) - a tenmoku glazed vase with slip decoration

Potter unknown (UK) - a stable ribbed vase, handthrown,...
Studio Pottery

€ 145

Raoul Lachenal (FR) - bottle vase in Egyptian blue

Raoul Lachenal (FR) - a flat rounded bottle vase on foot...
Studio Pottery

€ 395

Ruth Tudball (USA/UK) - sodaglazed spouted jug

Ruth Tudball (USA/UK), handthrown jug with folded spout...
Studio Pottery

€ 125

Ryozo Miki (JPN/SWE) - two vases with facetted body

Ryozo Miki (JPN/SWE), two handthrown vases, stoneware,...
Studio Pottery

€ see text

Ulla Hansen (DK) - bowl with six breaks at the rim in blue

Ulla Hansen (DK), bowl with six breaks at the rim, ...
Studio Pottery

€ 195

Ulla Hansen (DK) - large green bowl

Ulla Hansen (DK), large green bowl, hand thrown, ...
Studio Pottery

€ 395