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Bob van Schie (NL) - double-walled conical shape vase

Bob van Schie (NL), double-walled conical vase shape...

€ 295

Akaji Ken (JPN) - porselain box with painted overglaze decoration

Akaji Ken (JPN), a two-pieces box in white porcelain...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 975

Ane-Katrine von Bülow (DK) - large bowl "Medium Circle"

Ane-Katrine von Bülow (DK), a large bowl, entitled "...
Architectural ceramics

€ 895

Antonio Lampecco (BE) - a small discus vase with tiny opening

Antonio Lampecco (BE), a small discus vase with tiny...
Studio Pottery

€ 245

Arne Åse - tall translucent bowl in relief

Arne Åse (NO), a superb translucent bowl in porcelain....
Studio Pottery

€ 795

Arne Bang - a stoneware vase with folded rim

Arne Bang (1901-1983), a stoneware vase with a folded...
Studio Pottery

€ 325

Babs Haenen (NL) - wallplate inspired by tidal mud flats

Babs Haenen (NL), wall plate, hand modeled, white...
Sculptural ceramics

upon request

Babs Haenen - small porcelain container with fancy pattern

Early slabbed container in white porcelain with a blue...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 895

Barbara Bläsing (DE/NL) - two 'Natural Objects' as hommage to nature.

Barbara Bläsing (DE/NL) wants to tell with her work,...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 245 each piece

Barbara Nanning (NL) - a huge blue bowl

Barbara Nanning (NL), a cobalt blue bowl from her famous...
Sculptural ceramics

upon request