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Barbara Nanning (NL) - a huge blue bowl

Barbara Nanning (NL), a cobalt blue bowl from her famous...
Sculptural ceramics

upon request

Barbara Nanning (NL) - object 'Blue Bird'

Barbara Nanning (NL), object 'Blue Bird, from the series...
Architectural ceramics

€ 2950

Bas van Beek (NL) - teaset ' Missing Link'

Bas van Beek (NL) - a five pieces teaset with title...

€ 445

Ben Oldenhof (NL) - residential set vases with collars

Ben Oldenhof (NL) has thrown with great perfection a...
Studio Pottery

€ see text

Bente Hansen (DK) - Oval shaped container

Bente Hansen (DK) - Oval shaped container with a linear...
Studio Pottery

€ 795

Bernd Fischer (DE) - high deformed container with painted decoration

Bernd Fischer (DE), high vase, handthrown, deformed,...
Studio Pottery

€ 125

Bernice Schutte (NL) - ceramic slab with rubber profiles

Bernice Schutte (1966) (NL) has created a number of...

€ 295

Betty Woodman (USA) - 'pillow pitcher'

Betty Woodman (USA - 1930), a important earthenware...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 5900

Bucco and Cavalli for Lineasette (IT) - a stylished horse

Giuseppe Bucco and Flavio Cavalli, designers for ...

€ 75

Carol Mc Nicoll (UK) - a fan triangle dish, formed like folded paper

Carol Mc Nicoll (UK) - a fan triangle dish, formed like...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 495