Jean-François Fouilhoux, 'Meandre'

Jean-François Fouilhoux (1947), an impressive huge ...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 2450

Barbara Nanning (NL) - object 'Blue Bird'

Barbara Nanning (NL), object 'Blue Bird, from the series...
Architectural ceramics

€ 2950

Barbara Nanning (NL) - a huge blue bowl

Barbara Nanning (NL), a cobalt blue bowl from her famous...
Sculptural ceramics

upon request

Gert Snijder - buste of Sir Walter Raleigh

Gert Snijder (Arnhem 1940), a rare and impressive buste...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 975

Wouter Dam (NL) - brown container with unfolded parts

Wouter Dam (NL) started in his early career ...
Architectural ceramics

€ 995

Wim Borst - hand-shapen vase with plexiglass divider

Wim Borst is a true perfectionist. This becomes obvious...
Architectural ceramics

€ 795

Marianna Franken - stoneware bowl

Marianna Franken made this attractive stoneware bowl in...
Studio Pottery

€ 265

Geert Schreuder - impressive vase plastic

In the vase plastic offered here, by Geert Schreuder in...
Studio Pottery

€ 695

Betty Woodman (USA) - 'pillow pitcher'

Betty Woodman (USA - 1930), a important earthenware...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 5900

Babs Haenen - small porcelain container with fancy pattern

Early slabbed container in white porcelain with a blue...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 895