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Clara Andersen (DK) - high bowl on foot

Clara Andersen (DK), elegant high bowl on foot, very...
Studio Pottery

€ 195

Clara Andersen (DK) - huge brown bowl

Clara Andersen (DK) - huge brown bowl, hand thrown, thin...
Studio Pottery

€ 395

Claude Champy (FR) - ceramic flat lidded box

Claude Champy (FR) - ceramic flat lidded organic box (...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 975

Claude Champy (FR) - round pot with inlay pot

Claude Champy (FR), back in our collection a hand thrown...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 675

Claude en Cecile Delhaye (BE) - large bowl with two sprouts

Claude and Cecile Delhaye (BE) - large bowl with two...
Studio Pottery

€ 195

Claudi Casanovas (ESP) - teabowl

Claudi Casanovas (ESP), teabowl, handmolded, various...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 795

Colin Pearson (UK) - large bronze cylindrical vessel

Colin Pearson (UK), handthrown vessel, large cylindrical...
Studio Pottery

€ 895

Cor Unum (NL) - decorative dish with rooster

Cor Unum, Orthen/Den Bosch (NL), large decorative dish,...
Studio Pottery

upon request

Daniel de Montmollin (CH/FR) - square bottle vase

Père Daniel de Montmollin (CH/FR), hight turned bottle...
Studio Pottery

€ 695

Des Pots (NL) - designvase in (sea)fruitshape

Des Pots (NL), design serica vase, handthrown and...

€ 125