Annen, Arnold

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Gsteig - Berner Oberland
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Arnold Annen is born in Gsteig in Berner Oberland in 1952. Arnold is living and working in Basel.

Today, he is considered one of the most innovative and extreme porcelain artists in the world - unique in form and technique, but also in the dimensions of his works. In just two decades, he has absorbed everything from traditional craftsmanship to ceramic art eagerly, developed it further and achieved perfect inimitability. The pure white Limoges porcelain, the thinner the more translucent and usually unglazed, became Arnold Anne's life theme. What follows in Basel from the continuity of the fixed workplace must be described as revolutionary when it comes to the treatment of porcelain: time and again the radical ceramic extremist will challenge the white gold as a material with his designs and push it to its molecular limits.

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Pictures: Arnold Annen with some of his works (source Art Aurea); Translucent bowl I (source; Translucent bowl II (source Galerie Metzger).


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"I work the material to its physical limit because I aim for a maximum of lightness and translucence. The atmosphere of the light caught in the shell emerges from the variations in the relief." (Arnold Annen)