Delhaye, Cecile & Claude

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Cecile & Claude
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Delhaye, Claude and Cécile
Claude Delhaye is born in 1948 in Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium. Cécile Delhaye-Van Parys is born in 1948 in Halle, Flanders, Belgium. Claude Delhaye studied at the Academies of Brussels and Ixelles (ceramics, decoration and painting). Claude has a workperiod in the studio of Lerat in Ratilly in 1964. He opens his own workshop in Beersel in 1968. In 1970 he gets a grant for studying in England where he works with David Leach. Claude is throwing his works and is preparing his own glazes. The pieces are reduction fired. 

Cécile Delhaye-van Parys studied at an Academy for two years (1969-1971). She graduated in Arts Plastiques in 1970. Since 1971 Claude and his wife Cécile work together in their studio in Beersel, Belgium. In 1995 she became also sculptor.

Pictures: workshop at Kampendaal 77, Dworp / Beersel, Belgium since 1968; huge lidded pot (collection Capriolus);


Work of the artist: 

They emploi ceramics, stoneware included, for free forms of a great purity.