Hans Coper (DE/UK) - a spade form vase, around 1966

Hans Coper (DE/UK) - a spade form vase, handthrown and hand molded, light chamotte stoneware, natural colour, dark glaze inside, height 19,1 cm, embossed stamp HC under glaze, around 1966. On a relatively heavy cylinder foot is a trapezoidal shaped pillow mounted. This form was created by after throwing a bowl to cut away the bottom, to pull together this in a flat oval shape and close the bottom. On the inside the turn ridges are visible. On the foot and in the spade are horizontal thick and thin incised lines visible. 

This vase is purchased at the exhibition Lucie Rie and Hans Coper 1967 in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam by jonkvrouwe Carla de Jonge, of noble birth and  former Director of the Central Museum in Utrecht, and then by inheritance in possession of the present owners. The vase is in mint condition.



Product Number: 
Production year: 
around 1966
embossed stamp HC
Height 19,1 cm
very nice with no restauration
former collection Jonkvrouwe Carla de Jonge
Great Britain