Ono Kotaro

Ono Kotaro
Year of birth: 
Country of birth: 

Ono Kotaro is born in Brazil in 1953. In 1977 he graduated from the Department of Law at Gakushûin University, Tokyo. In 1978 he completed the mastering techniques program of ceramics, Tajimi Technical High School, Gifu. In1989 he studied at Cermica de Moncloa, Madrid (Spain).

Pictures: Sake flask (Maak London); lidded vase (japanesepottery.com).

Work of the artist: 

Ono Kotaro, winner of the 4th Mashiko Ceramics Competition Hamada Shoji Prize, creates sleek, sharp porcelain wares. What is unique about this artist--besides being based in Hokkaido--is that his porcelain has two sides to its character: at first glance, his wares look crisp and cool, like fallen snowdrops. Yet at the same time, he has instilled in his works a delicate, warm glow that is not often found in porcelain wares. This trait can be seen especially in his Seihakuji (Bluish White Porcelain) and Ouji (Creamy Yellow Porcelain). Ono uses shinogi faceted lines that give his pieces a wave-like rhythm that is uncommon in "static" porcelain. He has a keen sense of balance and design, and retains porcelain's elegance while simultaneously being innovative in his "soft yet sharp warmth." Here is a fine example of Ono's ouji glaze in a flowing mizusashi--fresh water jar--form. A mention should be made that an Ono Seihakuji mizusashi (fresh water jar) was acquired by the famous Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation (one of the best Japanese Art collections overseas), and what's more, this piece was exhibited at the Metropolitan Musuem's Japan Wing last year. This Ouji mizusashi is 15cm. tall and 20cm. wide, comes with a black lacquer lid and a signed box and is in perfect condition (text: Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery).