Jan de Rooden (NL), Dancing Idol

Dancing Idol, from the theme 'Idol', a thrown potform, closed at the bottom, with on top a weathervane type of handle. This handle is slabbuilt with various heights on left and right side which gives it a dynamic effect. Stoneware with a clay layer and a blue engobe accent on each side. See for a comparable piece from the same theme the newly presented book Vessel / Sculpture 2 2013 by the Grassi Museum of Applied Art in Leipzig, page 189. 

Motivation by the artist

'After working with a saltglaze oven in the village of Morra (province of Friesland) I wanted to move at the end of the 1970s to works with a clear palette, more fitted with the Dutch light. I tried to suggest with simple ideas about structure and color a movement within a claybody and create an interaction between formparts. During this finding process a range of themes arised, in which Idol, dance and mating elements are playing a role, but also crashing form-elements.'  

The Idol of the island group Cyclades - a symbol of fertility - has inspired me from the moment I saw it for the first time. Her shape looks like a potform and both are bearing and covering. Since 1960 I am adding an incised idol to my signature. Since 1963 my work is stamped with an idol.



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Artist Idol stamp and date
height 18,7 cm; width 21,2 cm
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€ 745