Barbara Nanning (NL) - a huge blue bowl

Barbara Nanning (NL), a cobalt blue bowl from her famous Terra series. Cold finish with burned pigmented silversand. This piece was bought by the first owners in the studio of Barbara Nanning in Amsterdam in 1992. 

Terra series

Various trips to Japan laid the foundation for Nanning's ceramic work from the mid 90s. Inspired by centuries-old Zen gardens, she made bowls with parallel grooves and gnarled objects of petrified wood with ceramic components that seamlessly coalesce into a new entity. "The bowls with strict geometrical shapes sometimes only have a pattern of parallel lines, like a stilled movement of water, others have a more complex structure lying between ceramics in its classical sense and current autonomous art." "The objects are earthy and stand on their own, they rise up from the earth. The straight lines are reminiscent of ploughed fields and Zen gardens. I take these rational forms and combine them with organic forms from nature, grafting feeling onto reason in this way. Dynamics with a static resting point. There must, I think, be a balance, a harmony between the positive and the negative, the static and the dynamic, inner and outer forms, growth and gravity." (text from: Barbara Nanning_evolution)

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height 21 cm; diameter 43 cm
collection May and Joop Hobijn
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