Salmon, Antonia

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Country of birth: 
Great Brittain
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Antonia Salmon

Being brought up in a household dedicated to modern sculpture and architecture, my childhood was infused with awareness of form and space. I studied Geography/Geology at Sheffield University, later at Harrow School of Art as a studio potter.  A year spent studying in the Middle East and India made a deep impression on my approach to work and after returning to England in 1985 I established my first workshop in London. By 1989, in search of large landscape, I returned to Sheffield where I live and work. As well as making, I taught at Derby University, was visiting lecturer in colleges, potters associations, art fairs, and running workshops throughout Britain and Europe. 

I make strong abstract forms that reflect qualities of being, of chaos and order, of holding and letting go, of stillness and dynamism. Some works represent bridging moments of time, other works capture experiences of being in nature, listening to sounds of wind, water or silence, walking through landscape, touching rock and moss.

I seek to make sculpture that stands as if poised in space, inviting you to reach out and touch. The sculptures ask you to contemplate space, form, light, shadow, stillness and dynamism, silence, poise. They ask you to find within them both personal meaning and a sense of unity beyond yourself.

For over 30 years my work has been exhibited and collected in Britain, Europe, USA and Japan. In 2005 Antonia was exhibited in Gallery Loes & Reinier International Ceramics in Deventer (NL).

Pictures: Antonia Salmon, portrait (source website artist); Antonia in her workshop (source website artist); three objects (source all website artist).





Work of the artist: 

"Antonia Salmon’s burnished and smoke fired vessels and sculptural pieces belong to a modern tradition of British sculpture that refines and distils the forms found in the natural world. Educated at Sheffield University, she then went on to study ceramics at Harrow School of Art, and after a period in London, set up a studio in Sheffield in 1989, close to the moorland landscape from which she has drawn so much. Her work is constantly evolving; from discs and standing forms, she has moved onto more articulated balanced pieces and more recently, twisting spiralled shapes, some suggestive of water movement or marine life. Whether essentially still or full of a latent energy, Antonia Salmon’s work offers a sensitive and quiet meditation on the natural and human-made structures which mark out our wilder environments" (text David Whiting).