Vanbekbergen, Peter

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Peter Vanbekbergen is born in Leuven, Belgium in 1962. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Leuven and specialized in ceramics and sculpting. In 1986 he received the government medal for his work and many exhibitions in Holland and Belgium followed. Amongst the collectors of his work are many artists, doctors and psychiatrists. Especially artists admire his peculiar creatures which are made in a very refined manner. The ‘skin’ of his ceramic sculptures particular is special. His figures seem to come from another world, a world which greatly appeals to our imagination despite its alienation. Vanbekbergen can be placed amongst the artists of the ‘Belgian School’. Herman Muys and José Vermeersch are also examples of this school. They make monumental ceramic sculptures with a hind of dramatics and expression (text: Morren Galleries). Peter Vanbekbergen his studio is in Rotselaar. Also teacher at the Academie van Beeldende Kunst in Tienen (BE). 

Adress: Mr. Peter Vanbekbergen: Hofakkerstraat 12, 3110 Rotselaar (BE). Telephone 016/44 83 41

Pictures: Portrait of Peter Vanbekbergen (photographer Arthur Bagen, Eindhoven NL); Peter with two of his statues 2014, exhibition Heusden-Zolder (source Zolder News); two statues Dog and Man (source website artist).

Work of the artist: 

With strips of wet clay hollow forms are built up. That hollow volumes he gives form by pressure from inside. The humidity of the clay should be kept a close eye on. Build too fast can the image do retain their shape. With colored clay sludge, the images are painted and baked in a large gas kiln untill ca. 1100 °. The baking process takes about 17 hours to complete and must be carried out carefully. Too fast firing caused irrevocable damage.