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Antonio Lampecco (BE) - a small discus vase with tiny opening

Antonio Lampecco (BE), a small discus vase with tiny...
Studio Pottery

€ 245

Arne Åse - tall translucent bowl in relief

Arne Åse (NO), a superb translucent bowl in porcelain....
Studio Pottery

€ 795

Arne Bang - a stoneware vase with folded rim

Arne Bang (1901-1983), a stoneware vase with a folded...
Studio Pottery

€ 325

Ben Oldenhof (NL) - residential set vases with collars

Ben Oldenhof (NL) has thrown with great perfection a...
Studio Pottery

€ see text

Bente Hansen (DK) - Oval shaped container

Bente Hansen (DK) - Oval shaped container with a linear...
Studio Pottery

€ 795

Clara Andersen (DK) - huge brown bowl

Clara Andersen (DK) - huge brown bowl, hand thrown, thin...
Studio Pottery

€ 395

Colin Kellum (UK) - lidded pot

Colin Kellum (UK 1942) (The Lion Brewery, South Street,...
Studio Pottery

€ 35

Cor Unum (NL) - decorative dish with rooster

Cor Unum, Orthen/Den Bosch (NL), large decorative dish,...
Studio Pottery

upon request

Emily Myers (UK) - a hexagonal twisted vase

Emily Myers (UK) - a vase in hexagonal twisted shape,...
Studio Pottery

€ 195

Gary Standige, a small lidded pot in celadon glaze

Gary Standige, a small lidded pot in the Leach / Hamada...
Studio Pottery

€ 125