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Michael Cardew (UK) - a rare 'Gwari' three handle casserole

Michael Cardew (UK) - a handthrown 'Gwari' three-handle...
Studio Pottery

€ 795

Jaap Dommisse (NL) - large decorative dish with imminent bird

Jaap Dommisse, Oosterbeek (NL), a large handthrown ...
Studio Pottery

€ 445

Pedersen, Valdemar (DK) attributed - large bowl with engobe lines

Valdemar Pedersen (DK) - attributed, large bowl,...
Studio Pottery

€ 345

Horst Kerstan (DE) - high bulby vase with oilspotglaze

Horst Kerstan (DE) - high bulby vase with covered mouth...
Studio Pottery

€ 495

Karl Scheid (DE) - medium size bottle vase

Karl Scheid (DE) - hand thrown medium size bottle vase,...
Studio Pottery

€ 595

Cor Unum (NL) - decorative dish with rooster

Cor Unum, Orthen/Den Bosch (NL), large decorative dish,...
Studio Pottery

upon request

Raoul Lachenal (FR) - bottle vase in Egyptian blue

Raoul Lachenal (FR) - a flat rounded bottle vase on foot...
Studio Pottery

€ 395

Kate Malone (UK) - two carnival ware jugs

Kate Malone (UK) - two 'Carnival ware' jugs, stoneware,...
Studio Pottery

€ 295 - € 165

Johnny Rolf (NL) - a heavy saltglaze pot with vertical cutted strips

Johnny Rolf (NL) - a heavy hand turned pot, small mouth...
Studio Pottery

€ 225

Annegret Knippel (DE) - huge bowl with painted pattern

Annegret Knippel-Täschner (1944-DE), a huge bowl with an...
Studio Pottery

€ 695