Colin Pearson, een platte container

Colin Pearson is bekend geworden van zijn zeer eigenzinnige oeuvre van ruige, niet afgewerkte gedraaide objecten met 'vleugels' als handvatten. Bij het hier aangeboden object is de kunstenaar uitgegaan van een laag uitgewerkte container in zwart met horizontaal geplaatste handvatten. Dit object is destijds door de collectioneur aangekocht bij Kösters Kunstkammer, Mönchen Gladbach (DE) in 1975. Voor meer informatie kunt u een object kaart aanvragen.

Colin Pearson, an important flat container with horizontal placed handles, the vessel itself thrown, the handles shaped by hand. Stoneware. Outside a darkgrey-blackish mat glaze. Inside brownish.


Colin Pearson  UK (September 14, 1923 - December 3, 2007) was one of the most creatively charismatic of postwar British potters. He rejected some of the traditional methods of working, he evolved his own signature form, developed in a variety of ways; the vessel with wings, powerfully conceived cylinders with vertical or horizontal attachments that gave his work great sculptural presence. Despite their strong material dynamic, these pots were barely noticed until a major show at the British Crafts Centre in Covent Garden in 1971, when Pearson added his now famous wings to many of the pieces. Deriving ideas from ancient Chinese bronzes and Tang and Song dynasty ceramics, he was radically combining the techniques of throwing and construction. Whether working in bold stoneware or crisp, delicate porcelain, the 1970s and 80s saw a fertile development of pots with richly pooling sprayed glazes and slips, the colors accentuating the pot's contours. His prize-winning work (awards included the 33rd Grand Prix at Faenza, Italy, in 1975) was shown internationally, and pieces were collected avidly by major museums in Britain and abroad. (Source: The Guardian, Thursday 20 December 2007).

This piece was bought in Kösters Kunstkammer, Mönchen Gladbach (DE) in 1975. For more pictures please apply for an objectcard.

hoogte 8,5 cm; diameter 26 cm
De J.W.N. van Achterbergh Collectie, Amstelveen
Groot Brittannië