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Michael Leach (UK) - small bowl with tenmoka glaze edge

Michael Leach (UK), bowl, handthrown, earthenware, nice...
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€ 55

Tjok Dessauvage (BE) - small potstructure in bronze glaze

Tjok Dessauvage (BE), small potstructure, high gloss...
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€ 445

Johan van Loon (NL) - oval double-walled closed bowl form

Johan van Loon (NL), oval double-walled closed bowl form...
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€ 345

Ilona Romule (LV) - mythological figure with big egg

Ilona Romule (LV), mythological figure with title 'Putns...
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€ 495

Malene Müllertz (DK) - "Box with rubber lock"

Malene Müllertz (DK) - ingenious angular covered box,...
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€ 295

Malene Müllertz (DK) - "Pyramide Steps Box"

Malene Müllertz (DK) - ceramic object "Pyramide Steps...
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€ 295

Bodil Manz (DK) - two shoe shape containers 'Double Form'

HF043 Bodil Manz (DK) - two shoe shape small containers...
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€ 975

Jeroen Bechtold (NL) - sleeve vase, small

Jeroen Bechtold (NL) - sleeve vase, porcelain, casted,...
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€ 25

Veronika Pöschl (AU/NL) - a rare coneshape in porcelain and glass

Veronika Pöschl (AU/NL) - a unique and rare object of...
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€ 945

Alan Spencer Green (UK) - a fine egg-shell porselain bowl with incisions

Alan Spencer Green - a very fine egg shell porcelain...
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€ 225