Horst Göbbels (DE) - medium-sized bowl on small foot

Horst Göbbels (DE), medium-sized bowl on small foot,...
Studio Pottery

€ 265

Wouter Dam (NL) - high ivory vessel with shifted wall

Wouter Dam (NL) experiments with new vessel forms early...
Architectural ceramics

€ 795

Jan de Rooden (NL) - 'supported pot V' with four double buttresses

Jan de Rooden (NL), 'supported pot V' with four double,...
Architectural ceramics

€ 795

Leen Quist (NL) - wide bowl,with incised line decor

Leen Quist (NL), wide bowl, hand-turned, porcelain, with...
Studio Pottery

€ 895

Bente Hansen (DK) - wide oval bowl in cradle shape

Bente Hansen (DK), wide oval bowl in cradle shape,...
Studio Pottery

€ 445

Gerd Hiort Petersen (DK) - lidded box with incised decoration

Gerd Hjort Petersen (DK), lidded box, handthrown,...
Studio Pottery

€ 595

Crossroads between East and West - new publication

Crossroads between East and West, Study of geometric...

€ 29,75

Márta Nagy (HU) - reliquary pot, lid with three tree shapes

Márta Nagy (HU), reliquary pot, lid with 3 tree shapes,...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 295

Johan van Loon (NL) - high oval vase shape with sweeping incisions

Johan van Loon (NL), high oval vase shape with sweeping...
Studio Pottery

€ 495

Morten Løbner Esperson (DK) - matt bright yellow vessel # 865

Morten Løbner Esperse (DK), vessel # 865, matt bright...
Architectural ceramics

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