Clara Andersen (DK) - high bowl on foot

Clara Andersen (DK), elegant high bowl on foot, very...
Studio Pottery

€ 195

Jan van der Vaart (NL) - hexagonal vase with lobes

Jan van der Vaart (NL), vase, from a mold, stoneware,...
Architectural ceramics

€ 595

Michel Kuipers (NL) - dynamic hand-formed tray 'Shifted surfaces'

Michel Kuipers (NL) - a on a mold, hand-formed tray with...
Architectural ceramics

€ 245

Vilma Henkelman (NL) - smoothly twisted vase

Vilma Henkelman (NL), a smoothly twisted thick typical...
Studio Pottery

€ 195

Johan Broekema (NL) - celadon vase in Japanese styl

Johan Broekema (NL), a beautiful vase with a high narrow...
Studio Pottery

€ 165

Maria van Kesteren (NL) - very large wooden bowl

Maria van kesteren (NL), a very large wood-turned bowl,...
Architectural ceramics

upon requst

Babs Haenen (NL) - wallplate inspired by tidal mud flats

Babs Haenen (NL), wall plate, hand molded, white...
Sculptural ceramics

upon request

Inke Lerch-Brodersen (DE) - a closed form with geometric pattern

Inke Lerch-Brodersen (DE) - a handthrown convex closed...
Studio Pottery

€ 495

Martin Gödersmann (DE) - lidded pot with diagonal ribbing

Martin Gödersmann (DE), large octogonal lidded pot with...
Studio Pottery

€ 475

HOSHINO Kayoko (JPN) - square slabbuilt vase with parallel incisions

HOSHINO Kayoko (JPN), high square vase in anthraciet,...
Architectural ceramics