Capriolus Contemporary Ceramics

Mr. Ger J.M. de Ree

Address Gallery
Groot Emiclaer 153
3822 TL Amersfoort, Netherlands

Telephone / E-mail
+31 33 465 54 50
+31 6 21871144

We value

For appraisals of ceramic pieces from the art nouveau / art deco era, from works by studio potters and objects from post-war ceramists we do appreciate being consulted. Capriolus Contemporary Ceramics provides appraisals for:

Appraisals for insurance

An insurance report has a validity period of three years. Within this period insurance companies are bound to the value mentioned in this report. Capriolus is carrying out appraisals for private parties, enterprises and museums.

Appraisals for private parties

Private parties in general assign for appraisals for division, sale or benefaction.

Free appraisals

For free appraisals of up to three objects you are welcome to visit our gallery every Friday, or please fill in the digital questionnaire. For more information about We value please contact us.