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Betty Woodman (USA) - oval basket in Montelup clay

Betty Woodman (USA), basket, hand thrown, deformed and...
Studio Pottery

Upon request

Angela Verdon (UK) - container with incisions in bone china porcelain

Angela Verdon (UK), a container shaped in a mould, bone...
Studio Pottery

€ 695

Hester Tjebbes (NL) - lidded pot in celadon glaze

Hester Tjebbes (NL), hand thrown lidded pot with beveled...
Studio Pottery

€ 295

Johnny Rolf (NL) - tulip vase with three spouts

Johnny Rolf (NL), an early tulip vase with three spouts...
Studio Pottery

€ 295

Jan de Rooden (NL) - very large bowl from his earliest period

Jan de Rooden (NL), very large bowl, hand thrown,...
Studio Pottery

Daniel De Montmollin (FR) - large bowl with surprising glazes

Daniel de Montmollin, Taizé ((FR), large heavy bowl,...
Studio Pottery

€ 795

Christine Fabre (FR) - Africa influenced container

Christine Fabre (FR), a handthrown container, Raku fired...
Studio Pottery

€ 395

Johnny Rolf (NL) - early lidded pot, dated 1962

Johnny Rolf (NL), beautiful early lidded pot,...
Studio Pottery

€ 125

Iet Glerum (NL) - fine handthrown vase with goldmuffle decoration

Iet Glerum was a deserving ceramist and pupil of Bert...
Studio Pottery

€ 135

Hein Severijns (NL) - broad-bellied elegant vase

Hein Severijns (NL), hand thrown broad-bellied vase with...
Studio Pottery

€ 245