Gallery - Studio Pottery

Kristin Andreassen (NO/SWE) - large vessel in porcelain with a vivid skin

Kristin Andreassen (NO/SWE), very large vessel,...
Studio Pottery

€ 395

Beate Andersen (DK) - cylindrical vase with black engobe line decoration

Beate Andersen (DK), cylindrical vase, thinly hand-...
Studio Pottery

€ 495

Marijke van Vlaardingen (NL) - fine lidded pot with sinterengobe scratch drawing

Marijke van Vlaardingen (NL), fine lidded pot, turned by...
Studio Pottery

€ 445

Philippe Dubuc (FR) - very large flat lidded box with fine glaze

Philippe Dubuc (FR), very large flat lidded box with...
Studio Pottery

€ 895

Jaap Dommisse (NL) - large beaker vase with 'Miro'-like abstract decoration

Jaap Dommisse (NL), large beaker vase, hand-thrown, dark...
Studio Pottery

€ 475

Ursula Scheid (DE) - bowl with stripe decoration

Ursula Scheid (DE), perfectly thrown bowl, vertical...
Studio Pottery

€ 595

Johnny Rolf (NL) -"Mountain pot", inspired by examples from the Han Dynasty

Johnny Rolf (NL), "Mountain pot", inspired by examples...
Studio Pottery

€ 695

Rob Muylaert (NL) - lidded pot in Japanese style with paper rope

Rob Muylaert (NL), lidded pot in Japanese style,...
Studio Pottery

€ 345

Marie Laure Guerrier (FR) - handthrown lidded box with soft-touch ivory glaze

Marie Laure Guerrier (FR), a handthrown lidded box, nice...
Studio Pottery

€ 295

Gert de Rijk (NL) - bowl with décor on loose base

Gert de Rijk (NL), bowl on loose base, handthrown,...
Studio Pottery

€ 495