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Betty Woodman (USA) - oval basket in Montelup clay

Betty Woodman (USA), basket, hand thrown, deformed and...
Studio Pottery

Upon request

Bernd Fischer (DE) - high deformed container with painted decoration

Bernd Fischer (DE), high vase, handthrown, deformed,...
Studio Pottery

€ 125

Bente Hansen (DK) - Oval shaped container

Bente Hansen (DK) - Oval shaped container with a linear...
Studio Pottery

€ 795

Ben Oldenhof (NL) - residential set vases with collars

Ben Oldenhof (NL) has thrown with great perfection a...
Studio Pottery

€ see text

Arne Åse - tall translucent bowl in relief

Arne Åse (NO), a superb translucent bowl in porcelain....
Studio Pottery

€ 795

Angela Verdon (UK) - container with incisions in bone china porcelain

Angela Verdon (UK), a container shaped in a mould, bone...
Studio Pottery

€ 695

Alev Siesbye (TR/DK) - rare, large wide bowl

Alev Siesbye (TR/DK), large wide bowl, handthrown, on...
Studio Pottery

upon request