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Wietske van Leeuwen (NL) - Fruity lidded pot, titled "Shells-Pears Pot"

Wietske van Leeuwen (NL), a hand-built lidded pot,...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 495

Wim Borst (NL) - 'Rectangular series # 1'

Wim Borst (NL), architectural ceramic object, with title...
Architectural ceramics

€ 975

Wim Borst (NL) - large ceramic construction 'Bridge across ocean'

Wim Borst (NL) - large ceramic perfectly constructed...
Architectural ceramics

€ 895

Wim Borst - hand-shapen vase with plexiglass divider

Wim Borst is a true perfectionist. This becomes obvious...
Architectural ceramics

€ 795

Wouter Dam (NL) - brown container with unfolded parts

Wouter Dam (NL) started in his early career ...
Architectural ceramics

€ 995

Xavier Duroselle (FR) - chawan in shino glaze with gold edge

Xavier Duroselle (FR), hand formed chawan, shino glaze...
Studio Pottery

€ 295