Evelyn van Baarda (NL) - large container with golden lugs

Evelyn van Baarda (NL), large container, built by hand,...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 795

Otto Meier (DE) - medium sized bulb vase with high neck

Otto Meier (DE), medium sized bulb vase on square foot,...
Studio Pottery

€ 245

Elina Brandt-Hansen (NO) - rare hanging materpiece 'Knot'

Elina Brandt-Hansen (NO) - very complicated and rare...
Architectural ceramics

upon request

Peter Fraser Beard (UK) - oval shaped great container

Peter Fraser Beard (UK), great handthrown vase, oval ...
Architectural ceramics

€ 695

Martin Gödersmann (DE) - lidded pot, octagonal shaped

Martin Gödersmann (DE), beautiful lidded pot, thrown, ...
Studio Pottery

€ 395

Mary Vigor (UK/FR) - multicolor handmolded bowl

Mary Vigor (UK/FR), a slabbuilt intarsia bowl, porcelain...
Studio Pottery

€ 295

Vilma Henkelman (NL) - high, thrown and polished

Vilma Henkelman (NL), a high-thrown vase, rough-finished...
Studio Pottery

€ 295

Bucco and Cavalli for Lineasette (IT) - a stylished horse

Giuseppe Bucco and Flavio Cavalli, designers for ...

€ 75

Mia Vullinghs (NL) - ceramic sculpture entitled 'Lady'

Mia Vullinghs (NL), sculpture entitled 'Lady', hand-...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 295

Claude en Cecile Delhaye (BE) - large bowl with two sprouts

Claude and Cecile Delhaye (BE) - large bowl with two...
Studio Pottery

€ 195