Åse, Ame

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Ame Åse is born deep into the Norwegian Fjords, in Gaular on July, 16 1940. After the second world war from which he has some weak memories, the family settled in Karmøy, also at the west coast of Norway. His first working experience was onboard a fishing boat fishing for herring between Iceland and Greenland. As a summer job he helped producing “Jarlsberg” cheese in a  dairy. This was when he studied. He also had a motor bike, but now changed for a funny tiny old sports car. After being a reserve officer in the Navy he studied ceramics at Bergen School of Art and Design. Immediately after finishing his studies in 1965 he got a job at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and he has worked there as professor more or less since then. Member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneve.
Through the years he has had lots of exhibitions in Norway and abroad and travelled quite a bit. He also like to write and has produced some books and articles both in Norwegian and English. With his family he lives on Fagerstrand, Nesodden (close to Oslo). It is a small farm where he grows vegetables and fruit. 

Working as a teacher
1999--- Professor, The Oslo National Academy of the Arts
1987-1999 Professor (term of years) , The Oslo National Academy of the Arts
1986-1987 Professor, Bergen Academy of the Arts
1978- 1986 Associate professor, The Oslo National Academy of the Arts
1969-1978 Lecturer, The Oslo National Academy of the Arts
1966-1972 , Part-time teacher, The Oslo National Academy of the Arts

1972- Studio in Nesodden
1965-72 Studios on different addresses
1965-72 Industrial design training  Figgjo Fajansefabrikk, Stavanger Flint, Porsgrund Porselen

Visit the website of the artist: www.arneaase.com

Pictures: portrait artist (source Catalogue Europäische Keramik der Gegenwart, Frechen 1986); portrait artist (source website artist); studio artist (source website artist); bowl, around 1996 (catalogue Galerie Amphora, Oosterbeek); plate painted with geometrical and organic elements (collection Capriolus); bowl with relief, porcelain (collection Capriolus).

Work of the artist: 

Ame Åse describes his porcelain forms as 'frozen music', for line, colour and relief form a rhythm like in a fugue by Bach. Besides thrown pot forms he also makes sculptures and wall decorations. Since 1975 he has brush painted on clay, with pigments dissolved in water (metal compounds). His painting technique has been derived from Norwegian folk art ('rosemaling). His decorations consist of geometrical and organic elements, in delicate colours. Sometimes the artist raises the surface in relief by painting parts in shellac, and washing away the unpainted parts afterwards. Thus thin areas are created, giving light free play; this greatly influences the final result  (text Mieke Spruit-Ledeboer, 1996).  

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