Arnaud, Lucien

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Lucien Arnaud (FR) and the Society of Fired Stoneware and Ceramics

The date of his birth and the date of his death are not known. What is certain is that he arrived in St. Amand before 1920, when the "Société de Grès Flammés et Céramiques de Saint Amand" (Nièvre) was founded, exactly on 25 November 1920. Lucien Arnaud is the president of this company and main shareholder. He first settled in the old Pichard pottery workshop where Thomas Cartier practised sculpture and stayed there for about a year. It is believed that he made his most beautiful personal pieces there. After that he had for a short while the role of administrative and commercial manager, who led the Amandinoise company in Paris, at the head office, 10 Rue Catiglione.
On 8 July 1921, he joined the pottery business of Jean Philippe Normand, a potter in La Forge (now Poterie Neuve; Poterie Mallet) and with a business partner called Faule, who lived at Faubourg des Poteries in Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye (text Grès de Puisaye).

Images: Lucien Arnaud, lidded pot (source; vase (source Pinterest); incised signature (source