Bush, Lawrence (Larry)

First name: 
Year of birth: 
Seattle, Washington
Country of birth: 
United States
Year of death: 

Lawrence A. Bush (Larry) is born in Seattle (Washington) in 1951.

1984 M.F.A., New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred, New York
1975-76 Worked with Ken Ferguson, Wyoming and Kansas
1975 B.F.A., University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
1974 Studied in Japan
1969-71 Fairhaven College, WWSU, Bellingham, WA

1991- 2019 Department Head, Ceramics, Rhode Island School of Design
1984-91 Instructor, Ceramics Department, RISD
1970-85 Workshop leader, various public schools & recreation centers

1984-2019 Potter, Providence, RI
1984-2019 Member, National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts
2007 Juror, CCT Artist Fellowships, Craft
2005 Juror, MassCouncil Craft Awards                                                                                                                                                                             

2004 Program Committee, Fuller Museum
2002 Resident, "East/West Collaboration", University of Hawaii
2002 Juror,"Annual Cup Show", Kent State U, OH
1996 Guest Artist, Watershed, Edgecombe, ME
1995 Peer review, MassArt, Ceramics Program, Boston, MA
1994 Juror, League of NH Craftsmen Annual Show
1984-85 Technician, Ceramics Department, RISD
1980-82 Resident Artist, Somerstown Studios, Somers, NY
1978 Resident Artist, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT
1976-78 Potter, Sequim, WA

Images: Lawrence A. Bush, photo Scott Lapham; Lawrence Bush showing how to use a jigger for making plates; sugar bowl (collection Capriolus).

Work of the artist: 

“Nature is my model, sometimes literally, always conceptually. With clay and glaze I imitate nature. With function and form; color and texture; history and need, I attempt a layering of forces and structures similar to that found in natural things like flowers.” Bush fuses histories of art making and craft tradition to serve contemporary need. Freedom to move among handwork, mechanized production, and digital technologies is important. His professional activities and special projects at RISD are numerous. He has exhibited nationally, has work in the RISD Museum, the Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred, and in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


Source: NetWorks 2013 – 2014 Catalogue