Corregan, Daphné (FR)

First name: 
Year of birth: 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Country of birth: 
United States

Daphné Corregan is born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (USA) in 1954. She moves to the South of France. She visits the School of the Fine Arts in Toulon and the School of the Fine Arts of Marseille. She continues with studies in the workshops of drawing, ceramics and sculpture at the School of Fine Arts of Aix en Provence. She incorporates than at Jean Biagini ceramics workshop in the School of Fine Arts of Aix en provence. She than makes a study tour to the USA.She becomes Professor of municipal ceramics in the schools of fine arts of Monaco. 

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Pictures: Portrait Daphné Corregan (source AIC-IAC); Daphné Corregan (source website artist); Object 1 with yellow detail (source Pinterest); Object 2 with open and closed parts (source Pinterest); 3 vases (source