Everaet, Mieke

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Mieke Everaet is born in Asse- Brabant (BE) in 1963. Between 1979 and 1982 she is trained at the evening school of the Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Dendermonde with Lieve de Pelsmaker. From 1981 until 1985 she received her training at the Ceramic Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, led by Achiel Pauwels and Hugo Rabaey, two well-known ceramists. From 1986 to 1988 she completed her education at the National Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp with Marcel Mazy and Achiel Pauwels. In 1988 a potter's internship with David Miller. Since 1988 she opened her own workshop in Meldert Aalst. Since 1988 teacher at the Stedelijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Halle, Flanders (BE).Since 1994 member of IAC in Geneva. Her thin porcelain objects are carefully built in moulds.

From 1987 onwards Mieke Everaet exhibited her objects in many galleries and museums in different countries : Belgium - The Netherlands - Germany - France - Great Britain - Finland - Greece - Italy - Japan - Korea - China.

Works in museums and public collections
Ceramic Museum Nyon Switzerland
Royal Gallery for Art and History Brussels
Municipal Art Museum Kortrijk
Design Museum Gent Belgium
Württembergisches Landesmuseum Stuttgart
Keramion Frechen Germany
Museum Saga Japan
Boymans Van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam
Museum for Ceramic “Sèvres” France
Museum Icheon WOCEF Korea

‘86 Prize “Jugend Gestaltet” München; Germany
‘86 Prize for Arts and Crafts Vizo; Belgium
‘87 Prize “Pittsburg” Triennial of small ceramics Zagreb; Croatië
‘89 Honorable Mention Mino; Japan
‘92 Prize “Pro Novio Duno”, Triennial of Porcelain Nyon; Switzerland
‘95 Member of the International Academy for ceramic, Genève; Switzerland
‘96 Prize “Gestalteten Handwerk”, Bayerischen Staatsregierung, München;Germany
‘97 Bandol; France
‘97 Golden Medal given by the President of the republic Faënza; Italy
‘O2 Selection for Vallauris; France
‘O3 Honorable Mention in the 2nd World Ceramic Biennale; Korea
‘04 Icons of Design in Flanders; Belgium

Visit the website: www.mieke-everaet.be

Afbeeldingen: Mieke Everaet (source FutoGp.com); three (3) bowls by Mieke Everaet (source Bloggen.be, photographer Michèle Francken).

Work of the artist: 

The work of Mieke Everaet takes up a special position in the field of porcelain. The degree of technical complexity is extremely high and very time-consuming, and yet the pots are striking in their simplicity and gracefulness, emanating a light and poetic beauty. It is obvious that here is an artist at work with a very clear and personal aim. Despite her young age, Mieke Everaet has participated in an endless number of international exhibitions, is represented in several large museums and has received many awards and prizes in Belgium and abroad. Mieke Everaet's creations are made from very fine threads of pigmented porcelain. They are not glazed, but ground and polished. This method produces a wafer-thin, but hard and translucent surface with a pattern that can be seen and touched from both sides. Whereas the earlier bowl-shaped pieces from Everaet were very colourful and clearly inspired by Mexican and African woven baskets, the later work has become much more stylized. The colour spectrum has been reduced to white, grey and black, whereas the shape takes a greater predominance. Lately, Everaet has created some wonderful asymmetric double-shaped pots. However frail and brittle they may look, they are also evidence of a strong personal vision and a rich and pure personality (text PulsCeramics.com).

  • Thormann, Olaf, Gefäss / Skulptur - Vessel / Sculpture, Ceramics since 1946 in Grassi Museum of Applied Art, Leipzig, 2013.