Koch, Galerie Carla

Koch, Galerie Carla
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Gallery Carla Koch specializes in modern glass and ceramics, especially glass and ceramics related or referring to functionality and design. The Gallery preferably shows objects that may have a function, and yet can easily stand on their own as autonomous art.

In addition to exhibiting work of internationally acclaimed artists, the Gallery wishes to enable young artists to make a start. Usually, these artists are selected from the students graduating from Ducth and Belgian art academies. When the Gallery shows work by a beginning artist, it invariably starts with a small presentation in the stock room. The main exhibition room is spacious, therefore merciless. Although young artists may show genuine talent and skill, they may not yet be up to filling the entire space, they may even be engulfed by the space and not fulfill their potential. Therefore it's safer to start with a small presentation in the stock room. Deciding when a certain artist is ready for a solo exhibition is one of the most important tasks of the Gallery.

Pictures: display of works by Morten Lobner Espersen in 2005, Galerie Carla Koch Prinsengracht 510 Amsterdam; display wall in the gallery at Prinsengracht 510; work by Veronika Pöschl, exhibition 2002-2003 in Galerie Carla Koch, Prinsengracht 510 Amsterdam; display wall in the gallery at Veemkade 500 Amsterdam; presentation with works by Wouter Dam and Kayoko Hoshino, PAN Artfair Amsterdam, around 2015.