Laureys, Anne Marie

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Anne Marie
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Anne Marie Laureys is born in Beveren, Belgium in 1962. Her life-long love for clay began during her studies at the Luca School of Art in Ghent, Belgium. Since her first experience working with the material, she has not gone a day without it and considers throwing pottery to be her personal language of communication with the medium. The current iteration of her critically acclaimed work arose from the desire to maintain the clay’s tactility and the exciting potential of the medium, in tandem with satisfying a need to test its limitations. There is a wholeness in the tension that holds her sculptures together, which lies in the blurring of the interior and exterior boundaries; thus the cloud-like solids approach the form of the vessel not only as a frame or container for void, but as void itself. That is not to say that these pieces are empty, for Laureys conceives of her vessels as “metaphors for feelings.” The deconstruction of the lip, the vessel’s barrier between interior and exterior, is indicative of Laureys’ boundary-pushing methods; the spacious, fine forms that Laureys throws on her wheel and sculpts into clouds with her fingers, in her words, “hide the inside while framing the outside.” Her work has been exhibited at the Icheon Biennale in South Korea, in Taiwan (Yingge), Japan (Mino), China (Changhai), and more recently in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and at Florida’s Boca Raton Museum of Art for the exhibition Regarding George Ohr: Contemporary Ceramics in the Spirit of the Mad Potter (2017-18). Anne Marie lives and works in Russeignies, Belgium (text: Jason Jacques Gallery New York).

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Pictures: Anne Marie in het workshop (source Jason Jacques Gallery New York); object in blue dégradé (source Weekend).