Middlemiss, Jon

First name: 
Jon (Jonathan)
Year of birth: 
Country of birth: 
Great Brittain

Jon(athan) Middlemiss is born in Yorkshire in 1949. He is a visual artist in different media who studied painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography at college and then made a living from producing unique ceramics. Since 2001 his work is environmentally based, mainly painting on location. Recently he has worked with schools to develop creativity through interventions and set up sensory awareness courses in natural environments. In 2011 he started a new ceramics studio and is now producing for a programme of exhibitions.

He received awards: gold medal -13th Biennale, Vallauris (F)1992; silver medal - Kutani International Ceramics Competition (J); 1997 Honourable Mentions - Mino Triennale, Zagreb Triennale; 2013 Honorable Mention- 11th Bienal Internacional de Ceramica Artistica Aveiro; Member of International Academy of Ceramics - Prague 1994

His ceramic work is in public collections and museums in Europe and has received recognition through International awards. It has been shown widely throughout Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the Middle East, America, Japan, Korea and New Zealand and has been featured in magazines, catalogues, dictionaries and other books.

Website artist: www.middlemissart.com

Pictures: Portrait of Jon Middlemiss (source MIAR Ceramics); Container in blue and grey (source MAAK London); container with diagonal stripes (source Ceramics and Pottery Arts and Resources); container with waves (source Pinterest).


Work of the artist: 

 " I grew up on a farm in a beautiful part of Yorkshire and as a child who didn’t go to school until I was thirteen, created a strong mythic and imaginary relationship with the elements and energies of the landscape. I see this as a foundation for my creative work and as the same awareness that is increasingly respected in the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the world" (text website artist).