Munch Petersen, Lisbeth

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Munch Petersen
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Lisbeth Accheleie Munch Petersen (born Bruhn) is born in Rønne on November 16, 1909. Munch-Petersen was the daughter of ceramist Hans Adolph Hjorth (1878-1966) and painter Johanne Marie Tvede Bruhn (1877-1955). She graduated from Rønne State School in 1928 and graduated from the Museum Technical College in 1930. In 1933 she established with her sister Gertrud Vasegaard a workshop in Gudhjem. In 1936 the cooperation between the sisters broke and Lisbeth Munch Petersen established her own workshop. From 1939 to 1940 she worked at stoneware factory Saxbo in Copenhagen. Later she collaborated with Bing & Grondahl. From 1960 onwards she worked especially with decoration. Lisbeth Munch Petersen's biggest inspiration was nature, which is evident in her ceramics. She was in her age when helping to ensure continuity and tradition within Danish ceramics. Her works are exhibited at the Bornholm Art Museum, Trapholt and the National Ceramics Museum. In 1986 she received the Bindesbøll medal. Munch Petersen was married twice; first time in 1936 with the author Gustaf Munch-Petersen (1912 to 1938) and the second time in 1947 with the painter Paul Høm (1905-1994). She got a total of five children: Susanne (b. 1936), Ursula (b. 1937), Julie (b. 1944), Henry (b. 1947) and Donald (b. 1948). Lisbeth passed away in Gudhjem on December 14, 1997 (text from Wiki Data).

Pictures: Vase with brown neck (source; vase (source Pinterest); blue vase (source; signatures.