Myers, Emily

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Great Brittain
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Emily Myers is born in London (Somerset - UK) in 1965. From 1983 till 1984 she followed the training at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. Than from 1984 till 1987 Bristol Polytechnic B. A. Hons and finishing her studies at the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts from 1987 till 1988. 

Emily Myers discovered she had a natural aptitude for ceramics when she first came across pottery at school at the age of 12; she has been working with clay ever since. After graduating with a degree in Ceramics from Bristol Polytechnic in 1987, she returned to her home town of London, and found she enjoyed working within a shared workshop environment, with other craftspeople.

A move to the countryside in the late 1990’s signalled a change in Emily’s work. Architectural influences gave way to organic ones. The rolling hills and ploughed furrows of North Hampshire were reflected in the carved lines within the pots. Inspiration was also drawn from found objects such as knapped flints and old metal cogs.

Emily is currently working with both porcelain and red stoneware clay. These contrasting clays provide the bright white, and chocolate brown backgrounds, on which the glazes react. The potter’s wheel is central to Emily’s studio practice. However she is not limited to the circular nature of the thrown pot and has extended her repertoire of forms by faceting, carving and altering the pots at the leather hard stage. She has developed a range of matt stoneware barium glazes fired in an electric kiln and aims to create well proportioned forms with subtle surfaces, that promote a feeling of tranquillity.

Emily Myers is a Crafts Council selected maker and member of the Craft Potters Association and has demonstrated regularly at Art in Action and other craft fairs. She has shown regularly in Bath and London as well as Tel Aviv, Hamburg, Paris and New York (Text: The Art

Selected Exhibitons
 2009 The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire
 2009 'The Flower Show' Leach Pottery St Ives
 2009/06/00 The Gallery Upstairs, Henley- in- Arden
 2008 'Crafted' Winchester Discovery Centre
 2008/06/00 New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
 2007 The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester
 2007/05/03/01/99 Beaux Arts, Bath (solo)
 2005 Christmas Exhibition-Garden Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture
 2004 Showcase at Southill Park Arts Centre
 2003 Contemporary Crafts at Kenwood House - London
 2003 Spring Show -Broadway Modem-Broadway
 2002/97 Contemporary Ceramics, London (solo)
 2002 "Made in England" Wohnen und Kunst -Hamburg Germany
 2001 Eton Applied Arts, (solo)
 2000 Beaux Arts Bath, Summer Show
 2000 Rufford Ceramics Fair
 1999 Opening Show, Flow, London
 1999 Emily Myers, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford (solo)
 1999 Classics VII, British Pavilion, Kortrijk, Belgium
 1998 The Full Spectrum. Eton applied Arts, Eton
 1998 Bettles Gallery, Ringwood, Hampshire (solo)
 1998 Newbury Spring Festival, Newbury Arts Workshop (solo)
 1998 Ikebana Exhibition, Takashimaya Store, Osaka, Japan
 1998 British Week, Tel Aviv
 1997 Tom Hill & Emily Myers, Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool
 1996 Hackney Contemporaries at the Orangery, London
 1996 Gifts for Valentines, Crafts Council Shop at the V &A, London
 1995 Summer Show, Hugo Barclay Gallery, Brighton
 1995 Recent Work, Roger Billcliffe Fine Art, Glasgow, Scotland
 1995 Hackney Contemporaries, Geffrye Museum, London
 1995 Boxes, Rufford Crafts Centre, Newark
 1994 Studio Ceramics '94, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
 1994 Ruth Korman Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
 1994 Beardsmore Gallery, London
 1993 Material Pleasures, Gallery at John Jones, London
 1993 Boxes, Contemporary Ceramics, London
 1992 Showcase, Orie131, Newtown
 1992 Emily Myers – Ceramic series, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, (solo)
 1990 New Members, Contemporary Ceramics, London

Adress: Workshop location - 2 Chalkpit Cottages, Tangley, Andover SP11 0RX UK tel. 01264 730243

Pictures: Emily Myers at the wheel (source website artist); Emily (source Anglian potters); oxidised stoneware pot and yellow vase, around 2002 (source Pinterest); three facetted vases in porcelain with celadon glaze (source Pinterest); flat vase in blue (source Studio




Work of the artist: 

Emily Myers makes vases and other vessels on the potter's wheel in red stoneware clay and porcelain. She uses carving and faceting techniques, and a wide range of glazes fired in an electric kiln, resulting in striking, variegated matt surfaces. Strong elegant forms with fine crisp lines and deep colours characterize Emily's work. She draws on both organic and architectural themes. Influences are diverse, from metal objects such as armour to organic forms such as cacti.                                                         Oxidised Red Stoneware and Porcelain with Barium glazes fired to cone 5 in an electric kiln.

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