Nagy, Márta

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Márta Nagy is born in 1954 in Hungary. In 1979 she receives a diploma at the Academy of Art and Design. In 1998 she is professor in the field of sculpture at the University of Fine Arts, Pécs (H). In 2000 doctorate at the University of Fine Arts, Pécs (H). Between 1989 and 1996 lectureship at the Academy of Art for Craft and Design. Márta Nagy ist member of the IAC in Genève and also member of the Hungarian Society of Ceramists. In the netherlands she is represented by Galerie Terra Delft in Delft.

Address: Bajmi dűlő | 7634 Pécs. Telefon: (0036) 020 4186916

Pictures: Portrait of Márta Nagy in 2017 (source; portrait of Márta in an exhibition by Galerie Terra Delft in Amsterdam in 2006 (source Galerie Terra Delft); ceramic piece Pure products, Natural silk (source Galerie Terra Delft); object in blue (source




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"Garden" is the space between heaven and earth, between nature and what humans create. Garden is a very special space of its own with symbolic meaning. My "gardens" are images of human life, reflecting stages of human relationships. I use different materials to build my "gardens": Stoneware clay, porcelain, silver and gold foil, sometimes pure silk. These materials fit well together, showing the same valence in elegance and quality. They tell the never ending story of love and hate, of freedom and dependence, of grief and joy."