Rylatt, Ian

First name: 
Country of birth: 
Great Brittain
Working period: 

Ian Rylatt is born and raised in Lincoln, and attended Lincoln College of Art. Then he went onto Manchester Polytechnic, and has been a self employed potter since 1988. All pots are hand thrown and constructed pieces, fired in an electric kiln, generally to stoneware temperatures 1260°- 80°c. His work has always centred around the functional teapot. It is a form which has intrigued him since college. He is a founding member of Harding House Gallery, begun in 1990, which is an art & craft cooperative in Lincoln. He remained a member until 2004 when I moved to Wales. Since then he has been a member of South Wales potters. In 2010 he became a member of the Makers Guild of Wales, where his work is exhibited, in its gallery, Craft in the Bay in Cardiff.

Visit website artist: www.rylatt.co.uk

Pictures: Ian Rylatt, portrait (source Flickr); Ian Rylatt with one of his works (source makersguildinwales.org.uk); Onject 1 (source Twitter); object 2 (source makersguildinwales.org.uk); object 3 (source website artist).




Work of the artist: 

"I believe my pieces should speak for themselves and exist in their own right, and not be viewed through the spectacles I could create by talking about them. What motivates and inspires me is the quality that some art has to inspire the individual. My work since college has largely centred around the teapot. Originally I was inspired to make individual pieces like teapots, jugs, beakers, bowls and vases, which I still do. Over the years the tea/coffeepot has become less the centre of attention as other elements were drawn naturally into the equation (e.g. teapot to tea set). In recent years I have been particularly interested in the visual relationship of pieces within a set, be it through form, colour, theme, juxtaposition, connection or ritual."