Seung-Ho Yang

Seung-Ho Yang
Country of birth: 

Seung-Ho Yang is born in Korea. He studied Ceramics at Dankuk University in Seoul, Korea between 1974 and 1980. In 1978 he set up his first workshop in Seoul  and worked here untill 1981. In 1981 he moved to England and invented here the "Teuim" technique (crackled surface texture). He worked here in a cooperative studio and Art center. In 1983 he moved to France and set up a studio with a woodkiln in La Borne and built a 'Tong-kama' (Korean kiln). In 1985 he set up a studio in Switzerland and built again a 'Tong-kama'. Till 2000 he worked both in France and Switzerland. Between 2000-2009 he Invented the project - ceramic in the sea, set up a studio and built  a 'Tong-kama' in Taean, Korea. He worked in Korea, France, and Switzerland. In 2009 he closed the studio in Switzerland, formed an association - Naori Swiss, working currently in La Borne, France and Korea.

Exhibitions : approximately 250 exhibitions in many countries.

Numerous prizes and awards from Britain, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, and etc.

Workshops: Several international symposiums, workshops, lectures, demonstrations and interventions in many countries.

Collections : a number of museums and public collections in Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, and Korea.

address: Woniro 2811-10 Yiwonmyun Taeangun Chungnamdo, Korea.

Tel: 041. 675. 7720/ 010. 8983. 7363,

e- mail: /

Pictures: Young portrait Seung-Ho Yang (source own website); portrait Seung-Ho Yang 2016 (photographer Pascal Proust); young Seung-Ho Yang in his workshop (source; pot (source; lidded pot (source kummod; bowl (source