Slee, Richard

First name: 
Year of birth: 
Country of birth: 
Great Brittain
Working period: 

Richard Slee is born in Carlisle, Cumbria in 1946.

1986-1988 Royal College of Art, London. MA Design R.C.A.
1965-1970 Central School of Art and Design, London. BA Ceramics
1964-1965 Carlisle College of Art and Design

Present teaching:
Professor, University of the Arts, London 

Slee is winner of the 2001 Jerwood Applied Arts Prize. He is one of the most interesting and significant ceramicists working today. Richard Slee is the most consistently innovative ceramic artist of his generation, a restless neo-Pop artist in the genre of Jeff Koons and Paul McCarthy, although, to put this in context, he evolved and refined his highly witty style and satiric vocabulary in the early 1970's long before either of these two artists arrived on the scene. His work is influencing the new generation of makers with his sleek, sly and meticulous objects that play in the cracks between function, design, decorative art and domestic tools.  

Selected major and solo exhibitions:
2008 “Richard Slee, Recent Works” Barrett Marsden Gallery, London. (Solo)
2008 “Masterpieces in Ceramics from the V&A” The Korea Foundation Cultural Center, Seoul and Hetjens Museum, Dussldorf (Catalogue)
2007 “END” Danish Museum of Art and Design, Copenhagen and Bomuldsfabrikken Kunsthall, Oslo. (Catalogue)
2007 “Making and Meaning” Object Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2007 “Cult Fiction” Curated by Hayward Gallery Touring (catalogue)
2007 “Richard Slee” Garth Clark Gallery, New York. (Solo)
2006 “Richard Slee at Barrett Marsden”Barrett Marsden Gallery, London. (Solo)
2005 “Trans-Ceramic Art”World Ceramic Center, Icheon, Korea. (Catalogue)
2004 “Richard Slee” Barrett Marsden Gallery, London. (Solo)
2004 “Panoramas” The Pier Arts Center, Stomness, Orkney, Scotland (Solo)
2004 “A Secret History of Clay” Tate Liverpool (Catalogue)
2003 “Crafts Now-21 Artists from America, Europe and Asia” Kanazawa, Japan. (Catalogue)
2003 “SHOW5 Retrospective,Richard Slee” The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent. Crafts Council, London and The Hub, Linconshire. (Monograph)
2003 “Hypercrafting” Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. (Catalogue)
2003 “Panorama” Tate St. Ives and Ruthin Crafts Centre, Wales. (Solo), (Catalogue)
2002 “Richard Slee" Barrett Marsden Gallery, London. (Solo).
2002 “The Uncanny Room" Pittshanger manor, Ealing and Bowes Museum, Co Durham (Catalogue)
2002 “Sleepers" Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro. (Curator and Exhibitor)
2002 “Richard Slee" Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh. (Solo).
2001 “Jerwood Applied Arts Prize" Crafts Council, London and tour (Catalogue), award winner 
2001 "A Grand Design - The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum" Baltimore Museum of Art and U.S.A. and Canada tour. (Catalogue)
2000 “Richard Slee" BarrettMarsden Gallery, London. (Solo), (Catalogue)
2000 “Contemporary English Ceramics" Keramikmuseet Grimmerhus, Denmark (Catalogue)
1998 “Richard Slee" BarrettMarsden Gallery, London. (Solo), (Catalogue)
1997 “JICA" Seoul Centre Gallery, Korea. (Catalogue)
1996 “Hot off the Press” Tullie Hose Museum, Carlisle and U.K. tour (Catalogue)
1994 “Richard Slee” Garth Clark Gallery, New York. (Solo).
1994 “Richard Slee" Hering and Lehmann Gallery, Berlin, Germany. (Solo).
1993 “The Raw and the Cooked" Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, touring London, Oxford, Swansea, Japan, Taiwan and France. (Catalogue)
1990 “Three Ways of Seeing" Crafts Council, London and U.K. tour. Retrospective (Monograph).
1990 'Richard Slee" National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden. (Solo).
1989 “Richard Slee- Recent Works" The City Gallery, Leicester, (Solo), (Catalogue)
1987 “Richard Slee" Hordaland Kunstersentrum, Bergen and Gallery F.15, Norway. (Solo).
1985 “Fast Forward" Institute of Contemporary Art, London and Kettles Yard, Cambridge. (Catalogue)
1977 “Richard Slee" Smith and Others Gallery, London. (Solo) 

Pictures: portrait (source Clark + Delvecchio); portrait 2003 (source; portrait (source V&A); Cornucopia (collection V&A); two further objects titles and source unknown.