Su Xianzhong

Su Xianzhong
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Su Xianzhong [ 蘇 献 忠 ] is born in 1968. He is the fourth generation of the famed ‘Yun Yu Porcelain Studio’ of Dehua Blanc de Chine sculptors, established around 1860 by his great grandfather Su Xuejin (1869-1919) [ 蘇 學 金 ], also known as Bo Ji Yu Ren. Over the last 30 years, Su has established himself as the most influential artist in the contemporary Dehua Blanc de Chine style as demonstrated by the Eighteen Lohan, Chinese Opera, Image and Imageless series of works. In 2015, China Central Television [CCTV] focused on Su Xianzhong in episode two of the Through the Maritime Silk Road series. He has also appeared in episode six [Dreams] of this series, which is a joint venture between Shanghai, Guangdong and Quanzhou TV stations. Su Xianzhong has been awarded various gold and silver medals in national competitions and his work is collected in museums in Asia and Europe. He lives and works in Dehua, China (text Taste

Works by Su Xianzhong were in exhibition in the Netherlands in Nagele in 2014 and in the exhibition "Van Dehua naar Otterlo" in the Dutch Tile Museum in Otterlo from March, 3 untill May 21, 2018.


Pictures: portrait of Su Xianzhong (source website as stated above); piece "Centre" (source website as stated above); Paper, photographer Serge Hasenböhler (source Tresor, Basel 2017).