Sybesma, Georges (NL/FR)

First name: 
Country of birth: 
The Netherlands

Georges Sybesma (NL/FR) is born in the Netherlands and grew up in St Germain-en-Laye, France. He was to turn his first pieces in the workshop belonging to his mother, also a ceramist. In 1983, while living north of Limoges, he became a “large-scale” potter in contact with Claude Varlan. He plays with clay, enamel overlays and fire. His skill at the wheel was a treat for amateurs and professionals alike. After moving to La Borne in 2000, he continued to explore surfaces by combing and scarification. These surfaces reveal a landscape as seen from the sky, external or internal ploughed landscapes. With pottery in his bones, he remains faithful to being a potter. The pot is a pretext, a source of discovery and everything is done against music that plays in Georges’ work (text Bernard David).

Images: Georges Sybesma, portrait (source Galerie Prisme); portrait (source You Tube); Georges in a demonstration (source Gilblog); vase in green (source Auctionet); vase in blue (source La Borne); vase in brown (source Galerie Prisme).