Gary Standige, a small lidded pot in celadon glaze

Gary Standige, a small lidded pot in the Leach / Hamada...
Studio Pottery

€ 125

Pieter Stockmans (BE) - hugh Studio bowl on separate foot

Pieter Stockmans (BE), a hugh Studio bowl in white ...

€ 395

Hoshino Kayoko (JPN) - stoneware multi sided form with vase function

Hoshino Kayoko (Japan, 1949) - an amazing multi sided ...
Architectural ceramics

€ 975

Jan de Rooden (NL), Dancing Idol

Dancing Idol, from the theme 'Idol', a thrown ...
Architectural ceramics

€ 745

Johnny Rolf (NL) - Sanctuary

Johnny Rolf in her works often symbolizes her concern...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 895

Prestige Collection - Jan de Rooden, Phoenix VI, a pot composition

Jan de Rooden, Phoenix VI , slabbuilt stoneware...
Architectural ceramics

€ 975

Jan Oosterman, ceramic slab with looming raven

Jan Oosterman uses his ceramic slabs as a bearer to...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 595

La Grange aux Potiers, GP, plate with rooster, early 1950s

La Grange aux Potiers, GP - artists René and Madeleine...
Studio Pottery

€ 425

St. Maarten (NL) - set of four vases

In the interesting factory St. Maarten Porcelein of Han...

€ 225

Jan van Willigen (NL) - vase with 'child' s drawing'

Jan van Willigen (NL) was working for De Porceleyne Fles...
Fifties / Sixties / Seventies

€ 575