Barbara Nanning is a important Dutch artist in clay and glass, later she is dedicated to glass. In 1979 she studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, at the same time as Geert Lap and Babs Haenen, with whom she forms the core of a new generation of Dutch ceramists with international fame. In 1994 - at the invitation of the National Glass Museum and glass factory Royal Leerdam - Nanning is experimenting for the first time with glass, one for her until then unknown and distant material. Her first sculptures gives it shape by sawing...

We just got in new arrivals by Danish artists like Bodil Manz (4x); Ane-Katrine von Bülow (1x); Malene Müllertz (2x) and Steen Ipsen (1x).

Pieces first will go to our photostudio and than edited in our website.

The Capriolus Team